About Us

Our Mision Statement

Our Vision

Is making you the best for the Master’s use for all good works.

Our Focus 

Is to keep Jesus Christ at the centre of our personal lives and of everything that we do as a church…… To honour the Holy Spirit and allow Him freedom in our gatherings and in our personal lives… To be the best through changes and be Christ-like in mind, soul and spirit.

Our Goal

Is to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love one another.

Our Commission

Is to make an impact on people and the spiritual climate of the entire community…To share the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ uncompromisingly yet with relevance to the hearts of the hearers…To assist and encourage each one to discover and accomplish the purpose for which he or she was created.

Meet Our Ministerial Team

Soga Ogunsanu
Minister In Charge
Segun Titilola
Elijah Oguntade
Patricia Ogunsanu
Lady Evangelist
Dorcas Fagbemi
Lady Evangelist